Determination pays off

Jul 01, 2021

In order to be able to deliver a wide range of programmes in the community, we have a dedicated team of sports coaches

One of our newest coaches is 18 year-old Adam Newton, from Reddish in Stockport

Adam has been with the Stockport Community Foundation Goalz project, funded by Stockport Youth Offending Service , since 2017

He attributes huge personal and social development to this project and his work with the foundation since then

Adam generally engaged well throughout school until 2012 when he started living in care

Over the next 5 years Adam stayed in care and displayed more challenging behaviours and struggled to engage in school during this time. He moved back in to living with his family in 2017 which coincided with his social worker referring him on to the Goalz project

Since 2017 Adam has not missed a session, displaying great attitude and being constantly engaged in activities and interested in developing himself

Initially Adam attended the sessions as a participant and in 2019 moved in to a volunteer coaching role alongside the Stockport Community Foundation staff

Through the link between Goalz and Stockport YOS, Adam also attended Manchester United Foundation’s Street Reds program, which is also supported by Stockport YOS

He progressed on to a volunteer role at that program as well, and has since completed his level 1 supported by both Manchester United Foundation and Stockport Community Foundation

In June 2021 Adam moved in to casual paid employment with Stockport Community Foundation, he is working on the Goalz project and also supporting coaches in schools to gain valuable experience

Staff, participants and partners have commented on Adam’s fantastic attitude and willingness to learn and develop himself both personally and professionally

“Stockport Community Foundation has helped me a lot, both as a player to improve my skills and fitness and also to develop myself as a mature person. I now take extra responsibility to be a good person and make positive choices for a bright future.” (Adam Newton)

Well done to Adam for his dedication and commitment to the Foundation 👏👏 ⚽️⚽️

Adam Newton

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